TiVo Links With PayPal For T-Commerce

TiVo-Symbol-A2TiVo wants to use its platform for what some say is the holy grail of interactive advertising: t-commerce.

The company has inked a deal with PayPal to serve as the payment processing service. TiVo plans to roll out campaigns on its interface with watch-and-buy functionality in the fall.

Initially, TiVo users on systems run by RCN and Suddenlink -- others were not announced -- will be able to use the system. TiVo users will have to set up a PayPal account and order fulfillment will be conducted by either an advertiser or another entity.

Tara Maitra, a TiVo senior vice president, stated that “consumers will be able to instantly purchase products with just a few clicks of the remote.”

The TiVo initiative suggests that smart TV advertising programs may be able to offer advertisers similar opportunities.

TiVo has been offering interactive advertising for some time, including request-for-information opportunities. Viewers can ask for more information or that coupons be sent to them in the mail or via email. Also, viewers can be pointed to longer-form content as an adjunct to a spot.



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