Schick Bows Branded Entertainment Series

Schick on Wednesday launched a new branded entertainment series on Yahoo’s video portal, Yahoo Screen, in addition to running episodes on television on Fox Sports’ Fuel TV channel. 

The series, called “Clean Break,” promotes the brand’s Hydro razor by challenging men to break free from their day-to-day lives and test themselves physically and emotionally. It will run with 21 original webisodes on Yahoo Screen while airing on Fuel TV with five 30-minute and one one-hour weekly episodes.

The episodes and webisodes will show the contestants spearfishing, skydiving, underwater rock running, zip-lining and diving with sharks. They will also interact with athletes who compete in these sports professionally throughout the series. 

“Clean Break” was created by LA-based branded entertainment shop Content & Co. Stuart McLean, CEO of Content & Co., tells Variety that the idea was to “document a period of real transformation in the lives of three twenty-something men who, like so many people today, had begun to feel trapped in their everyday existence. The show provides a unique insight into this generation's need for a chance to break free."

"With 'Clean Break,' we wanted to push the boundaries of branded content by creating a highly entertaining series that epitomized the 'Clean Break' Hydro lifestyle," said Brad Harrison, senior group marketing director for Schick Hydro.

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