Extreme Reach Delivers TV Spots Via The Cloud

Forget about content delivery for videotape, physical and even satellite media for many TV media platforms.

New cloud-based TV services are taking hold. For example, Extreme Reach, a video distribution company, says it now delivers 98% of its client TV commercials via a cloud-based service.

Extreme Reach says it reaches 7,000 video media destinations -- almost all TV-video destinations in North America. The company claims to be the largest digital ad serving network, digitally connecting to 30% more TV and HD TV media outlets than its nearest competitor.

Extreme Reach video ad platform has worked with more than 2,500 advertisers, which have delivered their TV commercials digitally via the cloud.

Tim Conley, chief operating officer of Extreme Reach, stated: “The 7,000 milestone means that all advertisers, especially those with time-sensitive political and promotional messages, can now respond faster, be more competitive, and connect to more media and larger audiences in record time.”

Though pushing cloud-based services, Extreme Reach had been looking at more physically-based video distribution companies, as a complementary service.

Earlier this year, Extreme Reach made a bid for DG, a hardware-based digital video management company, offer, for around $550 million. This would have given the combine companies around $300 million in annual revenues, according to reports.



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