Arbitron Looks To Measure TV Promo Efforts

Disovery-deadliest-catch-AAt a time when networks are starting to ramp up campaigns for new fall shows, Arbitron is launching a measurement tool looking to link ad exposure with tune-in.

The product uses the company’s portable people meters (PPM) to track how many people are exposed to particular TV and radio promos -- and whether those consumers watched a particular episode.
Arbitron uses PPM for its core radio ratings and is looking to find more applications for them in the TV space, notably in cross-platform measurement and with out-of-home viewing.

The fledgling Promo OptimiXer tool culls data from the PPM panel with 69,000 participants in 44 markets.     
The tool is malleable in that it can measure connections between purchased ads on tune-in -- as well as the impact of in-house promos or DJ chatter on viewing. It can offer a “conversion percent” for one promotional channel or by combining all of them.
The DJ chatter aspect offers marketers a chance to gauge how much “earned” media they receive for outreach campaigns targeting radio personalities. Also, there is the potential to gauge any link between a star’s appearance on a radio station and tune-in in that market.
Discovery used the product as a gauge of how a radio and TV campaign drove tune-in to its April 12 premiere of “Deadliest Catch.”



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