Fab Goes Mobile Social

With its latest app upgrade, has made it easier for fashion and design bargain hunters to connect via mobile. The company added one of its most popular features—the Fab Live Feed—to the updated app so people can browse product images and see what Facebook friends and other Fab members are “faving,” sharing, and buying.

Fab says half of its 5.5 million users joined as a result of social sharing and that more than 20% of its daily traffic comes from social media. Mobile is also a key traffic driver, with its apps on the iPhone, iPad and Android accounting for 30%-40% of daily visits.

The new app is meant to fuse mobile and social activity. “We think this new set of mobile social commerce features raises the bar on social product discovery, wherever you are,” stated a Fab blog post today. “But it’s just the start. Much, much more to come in the weeks and months ahead on both mobile and social.”

Despite its socially-driven business, Fab also said it’s also just now integrating Facebook Connect so people can log into the site using their Facebook ID. The company earlier this month announced raising $105 million in new funding and projects $104 million in sales.

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