Display Innovation: Eyeview Launches Tools To Capitalize On Growth For In-Banner Video

Wait. I thought display ads were supposed to be the unsexy part of the Internet ad business?

But they’re on the cusp of a renaissance as they generate new attention and innovation from agencies and vendors. The latest effort comes from Eyeview, which has launched new tools so its technology can be used to tailor in-banner videos, as well as mobile video ads, in addition to the existing personalization it enables in pre-roll spots and connected TV ads. Media agency Horizon has launched the in-banner video with Schwinn and the personalized mobile video ads for Ace Hardware. Eyeview technology tailors the ad via demographics and geography.

Display ads are benefiting from the overall surge in online video marketing. Display remains a major force in Internet advertising and should bring in $15 billion in the United States this year, up from $12.4 billion last year. But with one-third of display ads going unseen by site visitors, marketers have been looking for new ways to make this format work better. 



Enter in-banner video. It’s cheaper than pre-rolls, it scales easily and brands can use their existing video assets.

Eyeview’s Tal Riesenfeld, co-founder and vice president, sales, said clients asked for the expanded offerings so they can run their personalized video campaigns across any screen including online, connected TVs and mobile. “Most of our business is in pre-roll but this came about as advertisers wanted to expand into in-banner video and to personalize it too,” he said. “They don’t want to have to use five different technologies across mediums. They want to use one.”

Schwinn is running in-banner video across a range of sites via ad exchange and has created nearly 25,000 tailored videos for about 8,000 Schwinn retailers.

For previous campaigns, Eyeview has driven click-through rate increases of 40%, as well as boosts in brand awareness and purchase intent in that same range.

Other innovation in the area of in-banner video comes from companies like VideoGenie. It has been seeing promising returns with in-banner video including significant bumps in interaction rates for ads. 

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