TV App Viggle Hits 1M Users

TV check-in app Viggle has notched a million registered users since launching at the end of January. The app automatically checks its users into live, recorded and online TV content from over 140 of channels. Besides checking into TV shows, users earn points watching video clips, playing games, answering trivia and participating in live polls.

To date, Viggle users have checked in to more than 63 million TV shows and, on average, spend 86 minutes per session within the app, according to the startup. Points have been redeemed 905,000 times for items including movie tickets, music, and gift cards through Best Buy, Amazon, Fandango, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and others.

Viggle also announced Monday the release of a platform developer kit that allows TV networks and producers to create things like custom polls, trivia and quizzes for the Viggle app with embedded widgets. The developer kit utilizes common Web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Viggle competes with similar apps like Miso and GetGlue.

The company said developers will also have the chance to make money off their widgets. "Developers will be able to retain profits generated from the app within the Viggle experience based on advertising," said Chris Stephenson, president of Viggle. "It's an HTML5 experience, which offers ubiquity across devices and mobile platforms. We're looking to create an ecosystem with minimal barriers to entry for developers."

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