Final Results: The Ads That Aced The Olympics

GE-First-chance-Ad-AAce Metrix, which earlier released rankings of best-scoring TV ads during the first 10 days of the Olympics, has now released top-ranking ads for the entire event. 

Chobani and General Electric tied for highest average Ace Score among all Olympics sponsors: 589. Both companies ran three different ads during the event.

Coca-Cola pulled the second-highest average score -- 582 -- across a much larger number of ads (13); and Visa USA Inc. pulled a 573 over 10 ads.

Ace unofficially dubbed Procter & Gamble “most valuable player” for pulling an average score of 547 across a whopping 40-plus ads aired -- and for having two of the top-scoring individual ads during the event. 



The three single highest-scoring ads were GE’s “First Chance” (646), P&G’s “Hardest Job in the World” (638) and P&G’s “Kids 2012” (636).

P&G’s ads included 16 that were part of its corporate “Thank You, Mom” campaign (which by themselves pulled a 585 average Ace Score), plus brand spots for Cover Girl, Febreze, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Tide, Gillette, Secret, Old Spice, Pampers and Duracell.

Ace Metrix also reports that women scored the top 100 ads that “told Olympic stories of hope and inspiration” nearly 30 points or 5% higher than male viewers -- and the biggest gender differences in this regard all occurred in reaction to P&G brand ads (the corporate ones, as well as ads for female-targeted products). 

The full list of the top 20 scoring ads (and links to view the ads) are on the Ace Metrix site

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