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CrateAndBarrelCrate & Barrel is launching a TV campaign Sept.10 to coincide with the brand’s 50th anniversary. The company seeks to forge a bond between everyday life experiences and Crate & Barrel products. Each story is told with words echoing the brand’s signature Helvetica font and ampersand. In “Now&Forever,” a couple’s budding relationship begins with cocktails&jitters and ends with flute&toast. See it here. A group of friends transform Thanksgiving into “Friends&Giving” in the next ad, seen here. It’s a new tradition of potluck meals and rookies in the kitchen -- but spending quality time with those you love is priceless. In the final ad, a grandfather and grandson bond by relaxing on the sofa, sharing stories and drinking Scotch. Watch it here. TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles created the campaign.



LittleCaesarsLittle Caesars launched a pair of TV ads promoting its $5 Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizzas. At a costume party, a woman dressed as a princess talks to a horse’s head and legs. When she tells the duo about Little Caesars’ $5 pizzas, the two ride off into the desert, not stopping until a hot pizza is theirs. The party food must have been pretty bad. See it here. One man gets so excited about avoiding a line or calling ahead for a pizza that he tries to pull a Brandi Chastain inside the store. A Little Caesars employee quickly tells him to keep his shirt on. Watch it here. Barton F. Graf 9000 created the campaign.

VelveetaI’m pretty sure I liked the Blacksmith, and his sexy voice, much better than Velveeta’s new spokesman -- aptly named, “that guy you know.” But, Velveeta is targeting men this time, so my opinion scores low. “Eat Like That Guy You Know" promotes Velveeta Shells & Cheese and that ubercool guy you know with the perfect job, girlfriend and life. This first TV spot shows a suave guy who works at the mall, flying toy helicopters around and dating the local hottie. In his downtime, he eats liquid gold and enjoys the good life. See it here. There’s also an accompanying Website,, where users can send a prepared, or customized, note to a guy via Twitter or Facebook. Prepared gems include: “Eat like that guy you know that wears a puka shell necklace that his ex-girlfriend gave him” and “Eat like that guy you know that always times the stoplights just perfect.” Wieden + Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

LouisVuittonLouis Vuitton brings a classic game to life, adding a trendy, fashionable flair to “Spot the Difference.” Two almost identical videos promote the Yayoi Kusama for Loius Vuitton collection at Selfridges London. Each video was shot in a single take and stars fashion blogger Bip Ling acting out a poem written by Kusama. There are five differences in the videos. I watched each video numerous times, until I located each one. Eagle-eyed video watchers can submit the differences for a chance to win a special edition of Lewis Carroll's “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,” illustrated by Kusama. See the videos here and here, directed by Ehsan Bhatti and produced by White Lodge.

VegasI have been waiting for Las Vegas to counter back with an ad campaign defending Prince Harry’s right to have a good time in Sin City while calling for a ban on partying with those who broke the cardinal rule of “What happens here, stays here.” A print ad doesn’t call for the rulebreakers’ heads – it is 2012 – but rather a worse fate: no VIP access; no bikini-clad women; no awesome food and drink. These peeps are boycotted, whoever they are. Copy reads: “We are asking for a shun on these exploiters of Prince Harry. We shall boycott partying of any kind with them.” See it here, created by R&R Partners.

TostitosTostitos turns a presidential debate with bickering sides into “One Party.” During a heated moment where one nominee accuses the other of flip-flopping, the Tostitos spokesbag moseys down the aisle, carrying chips, salsa and queso. Everyone joins forces to eat, ballons drop and dancing begins. Food does bring people together. Watch it here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles.


MitsubishiThese two politically opposed lovebirds also disagree on almost everything else -- even the temperature of their house. James Carville and Mary Matalin are starring in an ad for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, running on CNN, Fox News and during ABC and CBS convention coverage. Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system proves a worthy solution for the couple who want comfort and cost-cutting. The hot-blooded Carville asks Matalin why she changed the temperature and she responds, “I thought you were for change.” He quips, “The issue in this house is my comfort.” Matalin replies, “It’s the energy bill, stupid.” See the ad here, created by Ames Scullin O’Haire.

JohnsonvilleJohnsonville Sausage introduced grillers to the Brattender in a series of videos on the brand’s Facebook page. This guy is a traditionalist, so don’t try to pass some weird combination of faux meat shaped as a sausage his way. One pal does in “Toficken dog,” and the Brattender cooks it on the side of his grill, not on top, like the real Brats. See it here. The Brattender creates a hot tub for Brats in “Brat Tub.” On top of his grill is a batter of beer, butter and onion where he cooks his brats. Watch it here. Cramer-Krasselt/Milwaukee created the campaign.

DarkSkyAppRandom iPhone App of the week: The Dark Sky App can tell you when it will rain or snow up to an hour in advance, in case you’re wondering if you can sneak in a quick run or walk your dog. The app works on a local level, touting it can predict when it will start raining at your house, how long it will last and how much of a break you will get in between storms. Dark Sky costs $3.99 in the App Store.

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