Adobe Social Debuts To Enhance Brand Analytics

Brad-Rencher-AAfter what it admits was an awkward phase for social marketing, Adobe just debuted a new service, which it promises will give brands all the data and tools necessary to execute mature social strategies.
Part of its Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe Social is a combination of analytics-heavy social lis­ten­ing, man­age­ment and pub­lish­ing tools.
“Just because social feels intu­itive doesn’t mean you can run it intu­itively,” says Brad Rencher, senior vice president/GM of Adobe Digital Marketing Business. “Imag­ine report­ing on your search cam­paigns by telling your CMO that cus­tomers really ‘like’ your key­words, or that sen­ti­ment around your key­words is pos­i­tive.”
Determined to drill deeper than “likes,” Rencher and his team will try to help brands understand the direct and indi­rect effects of social on all aspects of their busi­nesses.
More superficially, Rencher plans to give brands a clearer picture of how social impacts brand uplift, con­ver­sions, and rev­enue, while allowing for better cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion across various chan­nels and devices.
“Your social strat­egy should not end with the start of a con­ver­sa­tion,” according to Rencher. “That’s just where the oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn from your cus­tomers begin.”
The next step is to put social into con­text with search, dis­play, email, mobile, Web­ sites and other mar­ket­ing chan­nels, Rencher added. “With all of this infor­ma­tion, data and pro­grams have to con­nect, make sense together and be part of a broader ini­tia­tive and plat­form.”
In recent years, Adobe has moved aggressively into the advertising space with four key acquisitions, including Efficient Frontier, Omniture, Demdex and Auditude.
All the while, Adobe has continued to create technology for marketers to buy and optimize online advertising for search, social and display.
Late last year, Adobe said it was capturing approximately 5 trillion digital transactions annually for some 5,000 customers.

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