Localytics Used New Monies To Up Mobile Marketing Services

It can be tough for publishers to reach app subscribers -- particularly when they opt out of “push messaging,” and fail to share their email addresses.
Aided by new financing, mobile analytics firm Localytics is investing in new marketing services, which it believes can solve such problems. Localytics already knows “when and where messages can have the greatest impact -- while [consumers are] using their apps,” according to cofounder and CEO Raj Aggarwal.
From there, Aggarwal says it’s easy to boost engagement by embedding marketing messages directly into users’ app experience. Localytics will then use its analytics technology to measure campaign performance -- and make necessary adjustments.
Along with existing investors, Polaris Venture Partners is pumping $5.5 million into Localytics to help the 3-year-old start-up scale its business.
As consumers continue to embrace mobile technology, Aggarwal is confident that app-centric publishers are poised to profit. “They’ve already built a personal relationship with users and have a place on their phone or tablet,” he said.
Despite rapid consumer adoption, mobile advertising will only represent about 1% of total U.S. ad spending  this year, according to eMarketer.
Still, the industry is witnessing exponential growth. To illustrate, eMarketer recently predicted that Facebook will see its mobile ad revenue quintuple next year.
Combined, Localytics says its analytics and marketing technology reaches some 350 million mobile phone customers across various devices and mobile operating systems.

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