Shazam Expands To All TV Shows

A year and a half after extending Shazam to TV screens, the app can be used to “tag” any program on any channel to get additional content or information, Shazam announced Monday. Specifically, the app works for over 160 channels in the U.S., regardless of broadcast, cable or satellite.

The company said its popular app that uses an audio and video signals to identify music and other content has reached 250 million users globally and is adding 2 million each week. That adds up to 10 million tags a day.

The app allows TV viewers to find out what music was used in a particular show, get cast information, and trivia and celebrity news related to programs and actors they’re watching. Shazam on Monday also said it’s added new features including a shopping an e-commerce capability that lets users buy official show merchandise and other items through a partnership with Delivery Agent.

The updated app also includes enhanced social features for iOS and Android devices that allows the TV content people to see what their friends are tagging, and make comments about their friends tags. People’s tags will also appear in their Facebook Timeline after activating the Shazam Friends feature.

Doug Garland, Shazam's chief revenue officer, said the company would continue to develop "unique second-screen experiences" for tent-pole events as it's done in the last in connection with the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, American Idol and the Olympics.

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