BlueKai Extends Platform To Mobile

BlueKai has extended its Data Activation System to the mobile realm, allowing marketers to tap into first- and third-party mobile data for ad retargeting. The company launched the system, which combines its Data Exchange and Data Management Platform with its Audience across Media (AxM) media insights tool in July.

BlueKai says its expansion to mobile will help fill the analytics gap caused by the lack of traditional browser-based cookies in mobile for tracking and measurement. As part of its effort, the company has also partnered with AdTruth to create a standard for tracking and recognizing audience anonymously across the mobile Web and apps.

With respect to privacy, BlueKai is launching Mobile Privacy Guard (MPG), a new technology that says will help mobile users maintain a high level of anonymity on their devices by masking user behavior.

For example, when a device is "tagged" with actual behaviors performed by a device, a set of recommended attributes are injected into the device profile. “This ensures the device is immediately anonymized to protect the consumer, but still valuable and relevant for advertisers,” said the company in its announcement. Read more here.

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