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Broadcast Partnerships In NFL Playbook For QSR

The NFL has strict rules on branded stadium signage. Several brands have outflanked those restrictions via broadcast partnerships. A study for QSR by Repucom shows that at least 17 restaurant brands, including 10 quick serves and fast casuals, competed for NFL viewers’ eyeballs in 2011 through these TV partnerships. Using image recognition technology, Repucom tracked every second of the brands’ broadcast exposure during the 2011 NFL season, from the pre-season to the Super Bowl. The study only examined advertising during game play, not advertising during commercial breaks. It found that, in 2011, Wendy’s had the highest overall quality index, with a “media value” of nearly $3.1 million. Subway ($2.2 million), McDonald’s ($2.1 million), Domino’s ($978,734), and Pizza Hut ($920,811) rounded out the top five. 



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