30-60 Sec Video Ads Tops Engagement; 1-2 Minutes Tops Viewing

According to a recent Jun Group study, the vast majority of today’s online video advertising takes the form of 15-second pre-roll spots jammed in front of the video content that consumers are really after. At its core, opines the report, this is an interruptive practice that forces viewers to sit through something that’s likely unwelcome and irrelevant. Increasingly, consumers resent it.

Based on a sample of 7.7 million user-initiated video ad views pulled from incentivized video campaigns created for Fortune 500 brands across a number of industries, the study reveals brands growing more sophisticated in their use of video ads, moving from vague metrics like “viral pass-along” to a focus on tangible results like website visits.

The most recent set of data, says the report, shows some important shifts, both in how advertisers are thinking about online video and how consumers are responding.

While Facebook still plays a dominate role in the post-view engagement process, it’s influence is showing signs of decline, as consumers forgo the social networking site in favor of visiting a brand’s website. Consumers are becoming more interested in activities such as store locator usage, learning about the brand, and downloading recipes and coupons. While visits to a brand’s Facebook page are still the most popular form of engagement, the study shows thie to have dropped by 9% over the last year, while visits to the advertiser’s website rose by more than 20%, observes the report.

Finding the right consumers is critical. Targeting, using a pre-screening question to identify an individual’s interests or affi­nities, makes them 13% more likely to engage in a post-view activity. Getting a video ad in front of just the right audience can be an effective way to encourage engagement, says the report. Within this study, a pre-screening question such as “Do you own a cat?” “Do you enjoy cooking?” or “Are you in the market for a new car?” made a viewer 13% more likely to interact with the brand.

Impact of Pre-screeningTargeting on Engagement 

Targeting Type




Demographic Targeting


Source: Jun Group, October 2012

Conventional wisdom in the online advertising industry dictates that because today’s consumer has a short attention span, she’s unlikely to put up with longer-form ads, says the report. However, the report finds that when it comes to opt-in ads, length has less impact on a completion rates than anticipated. The completion rate for ads over two minutes dips to just 87%, as compared to 98% for 30-second ads. In addition, across all of the campaigns studied, 70% of all views came from videos over one minute in length.

Breakdown of Views by Video Length Video



2 min


60-120 sec.


30-60 sec.


16-30 sec.


15 sec.


Source: Jun Group, October 2012


Completion Rate by Video Length 

Video Length


15 sec.


30 sec.


 60 sec.


90 sec.


2 min.+ 


Source: Jun Group, October 2012

Looking at the relationship between ad length and consumer engagement, last year videos over one minute long drove the most engagement at 4%. This year, videos 30-60 seconds in length drove the most interaction, countering the widely held assumption that 15-second videos deliver the highest performance.

Engagement (%), by Video Length

Ad Length

Consumer Engagement

15 sec.


16-30 sec.


30-60 sec.


60-120 sec.


2 min.+ 


Source: Jun Group, October 2012

When looking at the demographic factors at work behind video ad engagement, the study revealed that this is being driven in large part by consumers over the age of 55. Surprisingly, those ages 18-34 are the least likely to engage.

Engagement Rate By Age 



12 - 17


18 - 34


35 - 54






Source: Jun Group, October 2012

The Jun Group concludes by saying that “... by sharing this research, we hope to demystify online video, highlight new... (and) misunderstood opportunities... and better enable brands and their agencies to use online ad dollars effectively... “ 

For the complete free PDF file of the study, please visit here.

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  1. Bill Guild from ChoiceStream, October 11, 2012 at 8:42 a.m.

    Great study! Consumers really are engaged better through two way conversations, even those as simple as a single question. We also found significant lift by prescreening online display ads with our Active Audience embedded poll creatives.

  2. Whane W from EMG, October 11, 2012 at 1 p.m.

    This isn't so much a report on ad performance as much as it is a report on advertising mechanics within video. A 15 second commercial rarely has a "skip" option like the longer ads do, so therefore the user has no choice but to let the ad play if s/he wants to view the content video that follows. The fact that the completion rate is 99% shows that 1% of the users clicked away from the video rather than endure 15 seconds of advertising. IOW, they would rather NOT watch the video if it means they also have to watch a 15 second ad.

    And the interactive ads? Anything clicked in response to a question is rarely a *positive* interaction, users interact because they see the add countdown and think that if they interact then it will speed up the promotion process so they can get out of the promotion and into the video they wish to see.

    So many people today use adblocker too which also blocks ads rolled into video like those at youtube and ustream.

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