Forecast: TV Ad Revs Growing, Overall Revs To Dip

World-Globe-AWhile TV advertising revenue will continue to grow in the coming years, overall revenue from TV-related businesses will decline.

Global TV advertising revenue will continue to climb, improving 21% from this year through 2016. But worldwide revenues -- now at 340 billion Euros -- are expected to have steady declines for the next four years, says Dublin, Ireland-based Research and Markets.

The report hinted at a number of new media, cord-cutting and over-the-top services as the reasons for the decline: "It is particularly important to put into context the transformational movements in television, which have never been greater than they are today, in order to measure the revolution taking place."

Still, it noted that overall TV homes will grow 9.4% in four years to over 1.5 billion. While cable will have the greatest share -- some 37% -- it will continue to decline in satellite and IPTV services, which are now at 30% and 7.3%, respectively. Overall terrestrial TV share is at 26%.

The report also says digital TV homes will move up to 77.6% of all TV homes by 2016.



Pay-TV revenue, at a high saturation of TV homes, will grow 12.1% by 2016 -- around 2.9% annually. The study says public financing/licensing fees will increase by 7% in 5 years.

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