'Mad Men' Look Available At Banana Republic

Mad-MenA Banana Republic collection will be back next spring as buzz for “Mad Men” season six begins. The retailer said it will offer a third version inspired by the show’s 1960s vogue.

The clothing is designed by the retailer with help from “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant, an Emmy winner. Banana Republic will promote it in its March ad campaign, running in print and outdoor venues, as well as via direct mail and in-store.

As the AMC show advances through the '60s, Banana Republic said the style of its offerings will shift from “the Camelot era's early '60s look and into the late '60s mod fashions.”

Simon Kneen, Banana Republic creative director, stated: "We took Janie's mod inspiration for the costumes on-screen and translated it in a way that today's Don or Megan will aspire to wear."

Specific influences from characters include “Joan's form-fitting silhouette pieces, Megan's shift dresses in psychedelic prints and bold colors, Peggy's matching accessories, and Megan's youthful effect on Don's classically traditional wardrobe.”

In May, Bloomberg reported that the “Mad Men” collection helped parent Gap post its highest revenue ever in its first quarter.

Promotion of the collection by Banana Republic also helps give AMC some extra marketing for its hit series.



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