Net Users Cut Cable, Keep DVR

TV-WatchingOne in four U.S. Internet users has "frayed" the cable and other TV cords, cutting back on monthly TV expenses in the past two years. But they are not cutting back on their DVR service.

Research finds consumers are trimming overall TV packages, as well as dropping select premium channels on cable, satellite and telco multichannel services, according to Market Strategies.

About 46% of respondents of this survey have cut back on one or more premium TV channels with 44% of others taking the bigger step: downgrading to a less expensive TV package. But one thing multichannel TV consumers won't give up is DVRs -- only 7% have cancelled their DVR service.

The survey says so-called "cord frayers" watched slightly less live TV than "non-frayers" -- and those who cut back are more apt to watch more content online. When asked whether they watched less regularly scheduled TV or pay-per-view because of digital video options -- 33% of cord frayers said “yes,” compared to 20% of non-frayers.

Other data, from researcher Interpret, shows that 79% of Internet 18-49 users still watched TV through a cable or satellite box. However, 48% of those users get TV content through the Internet; 30% get TV content through a gaming console; 29% through a mobile device; and 12% get TV through an Internet-enabled TV.



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