Peyton Manning To Own Papa John's Franchises

Peyton-ManningPeyton Manning is now an owner-endorser for Papa John’s. The star quarterback and busy pitchman will appear in a “custom integration” Sunday on NBC’s NFL coverage, where he will tout his role as the owner of 21 franchises in the Denver area.

Papa John’s is portraying him as a “franchise player.” His ownership comes in partnership with the pizza company."It's a smart investment now and will be long after I'm done playing football,” Manning, in his first year as Denver Broncos quarterback, stated. 



Sunday’s NBC arrangement will also have Manning and CEO John Schnatter plugging a Halloween promotion. Manning, who has also been in spots for DirecTV and Buick this season, has been appearing in ads with Schnatter. Schnatter has been appearing in Papa John’s ads for years.

Manning began as a Papa John’s pitchman in 2011 when plugging the company’s sponsorship of a Super Bowl coin toss stunt. Papa John’s has been an official NFL sponsor for three years and has relationships with a slew of teams, including the Broncos. 

Manning, who sat out all of last season, began appearing in an ad for a new Buick model in ESPN over the summer. He has been a long-time DirecTV endorser, along with his brother, New York Giants QB Eli Manning.

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