In Focus: Consumers' Online Video Satisfaction Rises

NetFlixWhile the paid digital video marketplace -- those subscription video on demand services and other services -- are showing gains for smaller competitors, Netflix still has a large lead.

When asked what paid video services consumers watched in September, Netflix had a 82% score among 1,115 North American consumers, with Amazon Instant Video at a 22%; iTunes,16%; and Hulu Plus, 8% -- according to ChangeWave.

Netflix was down from 84% a year ago -- while all its competitors grew. Amazon was at 17% a year ago; iTunes, 15%; and Hulu Plus, 6%.

The survey says many consumers are now buying multiple services. For example, 18% of Netflix subscribers also have Amazon Instant Video. This is up from 14% a year ago. One possible reason: some shifting programming. EPIX, the traditional pay TV service which now has a strong digital video presence, is available to both Netflix and Amazon Instant Video subscribers. It had been the exclusive property of Netflix.

Customer satisfaction remains nearly equal among consumers among the bigger players, with "very satisfied" scores for Netflix (23%), Amazon (22%) and Hulu Plus (20%). But iTunes remains the most satisfied option, at a 35% number.

Some 17% of Netflix consumers are "more likely" to cancel the service; 65% remain unaffected; and 16% don't know.

The leading digital device continues to be the iPad, now 32% -- up from 25% a year ago. Blu-ray Players, are next at 31%, down from 29%;  iPhones, are at 25%, up from 20%; video game consoles, 24%; formerly 25%; Apple TV, 13%, up from 9%; and Roku, 13%; also up from 9%.



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