Help Wanted: To Enhance Digital Ad Selling

According to the “Ad Sales Executive” survey recently released by PaperG, evaluating the future of digital advertising sales from the view of sales executives at local newspapers, directories, broadcast stations and other media nationwide, 94% of advertisers are interested in mobile advertising and over 90% of sales executives are optimistic about sales for mobile display advertising.

The survey suggests a continued push towards display ads as 94% of respondents will be offering online display ads to their clients and 86% will be offering mobile display ads in Q4. Only 34% of respondents will offer Facebook ads.

Digital Ad Products Offered to Advertisers (% of Respondents: Sales Executives Survey)


% of Respondents

Online display ads


Mobile display ads


Daily deal


Facebook ads


Search ads




Source: PaperG Ad Sales Exec Survey, October 2012

Assesses the necessities of sales executives, the findings show that better education on the value of digital ads and having spec ads to show clients are the top two ways to help sales executives sell more digital advertising.

Factors To Help Sell Digital Ads (% of Respondents: Sales Executives Survey)


% of Respondents

Better education on value of digital ads


Spreads to show clients


Better reporting on ad performance


Lower price points


More digital ad products




Source: PaperG Ad Sales Exec Survey, October 2012

Other key findings of the Sales Exec study say that:

  • 85% of publishers receive less than half of their advertiser’s total marketing budget
  • 31% of ad sales executives sell out of inventory and lose an opportunity to capture a larger portion of ad spend from their clients
  • More than 57% of respondents have lost money because an ad campaign did not start on schedule
  • The top two reasons publishers have lost money due to a delayed ad campaigns are ad creative ‘not being developed and received on time’
  • Ad sales executives are adopting tablets for their sales representatives: 60% have bought or plan to buy tablets; 85% of sales executives prefer iPads.
  • 88% of sales executives haven’t moved leads and sales tracking to a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • 77% of sales executives resell Yahoo/RightMedia inventory

Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG, concludes that “... local publishers and broadcast stations have an opportunity to get a larger portion of their clients’ marketing budget... (with) the right set of tools they are able to sell more ad campaigns... “

For more information from PaperG, please visit here.



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  1. Leslie Van Zee from Mosaic Financial Partners, November 6, 2012 at 2:12 p.m.

    Very interesting about % of sales going to Yahoo/RightMedia. Did that mean they exclusively resell Yahoo?

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