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Data Breaches Happen; Beazley's Seen Them All


Data breaches and information loss occur in myriad ways and result in nearly as many headaches and problems (including legal, financial and reputation crises). Beazley Breach Response, a company that insures against (and provides services in the wake of) data loss, asserts in a new advertising campaign that it has seen it all and can help in many different scenarios.

The business-to-business print effort for Beazley Breach Response illustrates real examples of lost and stolen identifiable information. One ad shows a woman walking a dog on a windy day as papers swirl around her. “Charlestown, Massachusetts. Thousands of confidential patient documents found in a field six miles from hospital,” reads the headline. Further copy asserts: “When your data disappears, you want an insurer that’s seen it all.”



“The campaign is based around the fact that data breaches occur in so many different ways, and a lot of people don’t realize that, and they’re not prepared when it does happen,” Mike Donovan, head of Beazley’s technology, media and business services team, tells Marketing Daily. “The message we’re providing is that we have a large amount of experience in handling a large amount of breaches and we’ve seen it all.”

In addition to the print ads, which will appear in publications such as Modern Healthcare, The Chronicle of Higher Education, University Business and Chain Store Age, the company has created a microsite,, to show the risks that data breaches present to organizations (both financially and reputationally), and illustrating how the company addresses those challenges. 

“[Security breaches] are the subject of a lot more discussion and a lot more levels in a company,” Donovan says. “And I think concurrent with that, the breaches are a lot more complicated. There’s more things these companies have to take into account.”

The services Beazley provides include expertise in how to respond following a breach, as well as legal advice and how to navigate the regulatory landscape after a security breach. With more companies considering the risks of handling identifiable information, the marketing campaign is meant to assure them that protection and solutions are available, Donovan says. 

“There is really an evolution in what we’ve seen in the marketplace [about security breaches] and making a purchase and trying to address those concerns,” he says. “Companies spend quite a bit of time thinking about this purchase and we definitely want to get the word out about our services.”

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  1. Ronald Stack from Zavee LLC, November 8, 2012 at 10:18 a.m.

    What an interesting business model! Talk about niche risks .... I wonder who reinsures them.

    Makes a lot of sense to provide consulting services as well as insurance. Even if they don't look at consulting as a source of significant revenues they can save a lot in claims by helping their clients be better prepared for a breach.

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