IgnitionOne Adds Facebook Exchange Support

IgnitionOne released support for Facebook Exchange in its Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) on Thursday. The function adds cross-channel capabilities, from search to display to social.

Access to real-time bidding through the Facebook Exchange enhances the ability to present relevant Facebook ads based on first-party intent data, a well-known strategy by search marketers.

Chris Knoch, vice president of strategic solutions at IgnitionOne, said DMS provides real-time bidding that allows marketers to bid only on impressions that meet key campaign criteria. It also allows for smart bidding logic to adjust bids based on various inputs, target users based on custom interest segments generated during a user's visit to a marketer's site, and add features like frequency caps, geotargeting and user recency targeting.

IgnitionOne and other search marketing firms like Kenshoo and Marin Software continue to build out services to target ads on Facebook. The Facebook Exchange platform offers similarities in how display media works. Marketers can leverage remarketing tools and real-time bidding features, as well as audience and first- and third-party cookie data from eXelate and BlueKai.



Facebook media buys in the marketplace are more similar to AdWords, complete with biddable media.

Industry speculation continues to mount around Facebook's ability to build out a hybrid display ad platform that could also combine features familar in search. It would serve-up and target ads across the Web, similar to the Google Display Network. It may work if Facebook could avoid "crossing the creepy privacy line to serve Sponsored Stories-style socially contextual ads all over the Web," one executive said.


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