Resolution Media Gains Autonomy, May Extend New Search Platform To All Omnicom Clients


Omnicom's search group began using Autonomy's Optimost Campaign platform earlier this month to manage parent company Hewlett-Packard's search engine marketing efforts, Andrew Joiner, general manager for emerging technology and marketing at Autonomy, told MediaPost.

The two companies have been working partners for years. In February 2009, Omnicom signed a deal to support HP's marketing services business, estimated at $1 billion during that time. Now Omnicom's search division, Resolution Media, will support HP's SEM campaign with Autonomy's Optimost platform.

Joiner wants the agency to use Autonomy for all Omnicom search marketing clients, which spans 40 markets, generating about $1 billion globally. He said preliminary tests between the two companies, as well as case studies with other brands, already prove the technology improves cost per clicks and conversion rates.



An Omnicom spokesperson said the holding company declined to comment.

Pilot tests show returns rising with support from the platform's bid management system running across social sites and big search engines. It also automates search engine optimization to analyze Web pages, improve page rank and increase organic traffic.

A case study with Braun Corp. earlier this year documented improved SEM returns, based on Autonomy's search platform. The campaign generated a 42% increase in conversions, 64% decrease in year-over-year cost-per-acquisition, and 17% decrease in year-over-year cost-per-click. Other Autonomy customers include Avis, Discover Financial, Hilton Hotels, Macy's and Target.

HP's Software business includes two units: Autonomy and the legacy HP software business. Autonomy, which HP acquired in October 2011, focuses on supporting a product suite, rather than marketing services. Rivals IBM and Adobe support clients through software and Web-based products, but also a full suite of services.

For the three months ending July 31, net revenue from services, support and licenses rose by 65%, 16% and 2%, respectively. For the nine months ended July 31, net revenue from services, support and licenses increased by 81%, 18% and 7%, respectively. The net revenue rose primarily from acquired companies, such as Autonomy, according to the company's Form 10-Q U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission July 2012 filing.

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