Out to Launch

LittleCaesarsThe man on the moon is a big pizza lover in the first of two TV spots for Little Caesars. A father and son spend an evening stargazing in an open field. The son craves a HOT-N-READY pizza but the dad is unsure if they have time. He looks into his telescope for guidance and sees the moon yelling, “pizza time.” See it here. Even a “Mime” can order a HOT-N-READY pizza. His son, a mime in training, is speechless. Watch it here. Barton F Graf 9000 created the campaign.

LGLG launched “Prison Break” to promote the launch of its Optimus G phone, competition to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. A man is trapped in a white room, wondering how to escape. He grabs a chair and smashes the wall, then changes weapons – a lamp – and begins trashing the fireplace and mantel. Once the man makes a hole in the wall, viewers realize it’s a video streaming on a smart phone. Better still, the Optimus G allows multitaskers to zoom in or text, all while viewing the video. See the ad here, created by strawberryfrog.



OneKingsLaneOne Kings Lane, an online home goods store, launched a pair of TV ads using the tag line, "Design Is Never Done." In “Broken Lamp,” an adorable pooch breaks a lamp while retrieving his toy. Replacing the lamp leads to a redesigned bedroom and the purchase of a lamp that’s difficult to knock over. Watch it here. A guy feels like his identity is being stripped in “The Move-In.” His girlfriend is redecorating everything and keeps moving his prized trophy from the living room. But he always puts it back. The girlfriend compromises and leaves the trophy… but places flowers inside. Progress. See it here. Wieden+Kennedy New York created the campaign.

eBayLittle Susie will opt for a gift other than a pony this year once she sees this ad for eBay. Proud parents get their daughter what she’s been dreaming of: a real pony. The girl shrieks with delight, startling the pony, causing it to kick out a window, jump, destroy the Christmas tree and flee outdoors. Mom makes the daughter quickly forget about the real pony once she buys a toy pony on eBay. Venables Bell & Partners created the ad, directed by Matt Aselton of Arts & Sciences and edited by Geoff Hounsell of Arcade Edit.

SodaStreamSodaStream launched a global TV campaign with the tagline “If you love the bubbles, set them free.” The brand claims you can save 2,000 bottles a year by making your own carbonated beverages. That seems like a lot of bottles per year. Do we really drink that much soda? In the ad, seen here, whenever a homeowner adds carbonation to a soda or seltzer, a series of plastic bottles explode, until the final scene, where a factory filled with two-liter bottles becomes a sea of cola. COMMON Agency created the ad, directed by Daniel Benmayor.

SickKidsI don’t know why my eyes are watering; there must be dust in the air. SickKids (The Hospital for Sick Children) launched a TV spot featuring real SickKids patients, families and staff singing along to Roy Orbison’s “You Got It.” There’s a four-year-old leukemia patient on an MRI table for his next scan, a child being brought to the emergency room by ambulance, and a teenage cancer patient putting on her wig. The spot closes with the line: “We’ll do anything for them. But we can’t do it alone. Together We Will.” See it here. JWT Toronto created the ad, directed by Kathi Prosser of Partners Film.

FiatFiat 500 launched “No Dream Limit,” a video highlighting two customized Fiat 500s: The Beach Cruiser and The Café Racer, which made their debut at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The black-and-white video begins with 3D models of the customized cars and ends with the real deal. Watch it here, created by Doner and produced by Superfad.


Burger21Burger 21 launched a series of TV and online ads using the amusing tag line, “what burgers would eat if burgers could eat burgers.” The first ad shows two burgers conversing about meeting the new burger. One burger would rather eat than meet the new guy. See it here. When you snooze, you lose… a part of your bun. One burger found out the hard way when he awoke from a nap to find that someone had taken a bite out of him. Watch it here. In the final ad, one burger dreamt he was eating himself… and he enjoyed it. See it here. Red Tettemer + Partners created the campaign.

BudgetTravelRandom iPhone App of the week: Road trip! Budget Travel released its first app, Ultimate Road Trips. The app provides a guide to more than 70 drives across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Users can select a trip by region or current location, and research hotels, restaurants and places like museums, campsites, national and state parks. Trip itineraries can be shared with friends via social networks. The app is free in the App Store.


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