Apple iPad, Mini Tops Kids' Wish List

Ipad-Kids-AKids of all ages want personal TV/video-type products -- and most clamor for the Apple brand-name attached.

A Nielsen study shows that Apple's iPad tops the list for young and older kids -- one of a number of devices that are scoring well from one dominant company, Apple.

Kids 6-12 "interest in buying in the next six months" registered a 48% score for a full-size iPad, up from 44% a year ago. Right behind comes a strong 36% score for the new iPad Mini and the same number for the iPod Touch. iPhone also scored well, at 33%.

Only the Nintendo Wii U could break Apple's dominance here -- coming in second to the iPad with a 39% score. Just behind other Apple products was the 31% score for a "computer" and a 31% for the Kinect for the Xbox 360 gaming system.

Even with older kids 13 years+, iPad was still at the top of the list for their prospective buying six months from now -- albeit at a lower score than for younger kids. Twenty-one percent of this age group voted their desire for a full-size iPad, down from 24% a year ago.

But other Apple products for older kids and teens drew less attention -- a 14% for the iPhone and 11% for the iPad Mini. Among this consumer group, Nielsen concludes they were more accepting of non-Apple products. For example, Amazon’s Kindle Fire had a 10% score; and Samsung Galaxy, a 9% number.

After the iPad, older kids and teens were interested in a "computer" (19%); "tablet computer other an iPad" (18%); and Nintendo Wii U (17%). After the iPhone at 14%, comes "Smart TV" (13%); E-Reader (13%); and "Smartphone other than iPhone" (12%).

While Apple products scored high on the list, there was one Apple product that came in at the bottom: Apple TV. Kids 6-12 only registered a 4% purchasing desire for Apple TV, while kids 13 and older tallied a 2% number.



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