'Malibu,' '666' Create Social Media Buzz

Malibu-CountryABC's Friday sleeper show, "Malibu Country," which started last month, is the best new TV show in terms of social-media activity.

That show has a 5.2 "involvement" score, according to social media watcher General Sentiment. That's up 10.6% from a week ago. "Involvement," according to the company, takes in social media engagement factors from news sites, social media and Twitter.

In addition, ABC had the best new show overall -- "666 Park Avenue" -- one that has recently announced that there would be no new episodes. It registered a 5.3 score, down 2.3% for the week. Typically, recently cancelled shows can grab higher interest, as news of the show's demise stirs latent interest.

Three Fox shows still on the air come next  -- "The Mob Doctor" (5.1), "The Mindy Project" (5.1), and "Ben and Kate" (4.5). Fox has put the low Nielsen-rated "Mob Doctor" into the same camp as "666 Park Avenue," saying there will be no new episodes.

ABC's "Last Resort" comes next -- also recently cancelled -- at a 4.1 number. After that is CW's "Beauty & The Beast" at (4.0). It is up 7.6% from the week before.

The most-improved show in the top 10 is CBS' "Elementary" in 10th place at 3.6, up 17.8% week to week. The biggest network loser among the newcomers is NBC's "Chicago Fire," which sits right behind "Elementary" in 11th place, with a 3.5 number. It lost 25.2% for the week.

Conversely, but further down the list, CW's action-drama "Arrow" (15th place) gained much buzz -- climbing 44% to reach a 2.8 involvement score.



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