People Share Personal Data On Email, A Boon For Email Marketers

Evan Shumeyko, the Global Director of CRM for OgilvyOne, says at the Email Insider Summit that 82% of individuals are comfortable sharing personal data via email. "To me that's your competitive advantage," he tells email marketers.

He also cites relevant content as being critical as it drives "earned" media. That's the "most valuable" because it's word of mouth and one-to-one recommendations, Shumeyko says.

He speaks about call centers actually offering a huge opportunity in marketing. A person taking the calls is a front-line brand ambassador. He says there can be "innovation in places that we don't normally see it."

Social media marketers often times are not thinking about a long-term relationship, just counting mentions, tweets and some short-term metrics. Long-term solutions are critical.


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