Tablets Rank Highest In Customer Experience For Searching

Tablet-A2AConsumers prefer tablets for searching and browsing, but not buying. Frustration in the user interface accounts for closed browsers and unfinished conversions, according to a study that OpinionLab, which monitors the voice of consumers, will release Monday.

In fact, tablets topped all platforms in terms of Site Opinion, with a rating of 3.61, when it comes to searching. Consumers were happiest using the tablet for research at 3.64, as well as to browse and price hunt at 3.47 for mobile versus 2.94 for desktop. When it came to purchasing products, the ratings plummeted 40% to 2.39.

The OpinionLab Holiday 2012 eCommerce Site Satisfaction Report monitored the voice of the consumer, analyzing feedback from more than 43,000 consumers from November through Dec. 11.



Aside from tablets, smartphones ranked lowest in customer satisfaction with an overall Site Opinion rating of 3.19. Some 42% of shoppers said they were on mobile to make a purchase versus 30% for Web and 34% for tablets. Mobile also under-delivered when it came to locating stores, as shoppers who tried to use this feature registered the lowest satisfaction scores of any segment in the study.

Android also lags in customer satisfaction, compared with other mobile platforms and operating systems.

Satisfaction across all platforms spiked to record levels on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday, according to the findings. Compared with a holiday baseline of 3.51, Site Opinion ratings grew to 3.88 on Cyber Monday, and 3.86 on Green Monday.

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