U.K. Leads In Mobile Ad Spend Per User

The U.S. may be the world’s largest mobile ad market, but the U.K. is tops when it comes to the amount spent per mobile Web user, according to new data from eMarketer. A close second to the U.K. was Norway, at $35.71, followed by the U.S., at $31.50.

Last month, eMarketer raised its estimate for U.S. mobile ad revenue in 2012 to $4 billion from $2.6 billion. The outlook for this year has mobile advertising in the U.S. rising 77% to $7.2 billion.

Beyond mobile, the research firm Norway had the highest total media ad spending per person, at $615, followed by Australia ($535) and the U.S. ($524.75). Norway also led the way in spending on targeted Internet advertising, at $250 per person. Denmark was second at $191, followed by the U.K. ($188), Australia ($176) and the U.S. ($155).

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