CBS Works With Microsoft To Stream People's Choice Awards On Xbox LIVE

Peoples-Choice-Awards-AThere are several signs that technology from Google and Microsoft will enable consumers to cut the cord with TV service providers. I've been searching for solutions and waiting for the day.

CBS will broadcast live the 2013 People's Choice Awards on Xbox 360 for all Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers in the U.S. The show starts at 9:00 p.m. EST and prior to that, Xbox LIVE will stream a special live red carpet broadcast beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Produced by Mark Burnett, the awards programs will provide viewers with a unique, interactive television experience ranging from poll questions to real-time viewer feedback. Xbox LIVE users can weigh in on red carpet and awards happenings and celebrity interviews and answer trivia questions and polls using their Xbox 360 controller.



Google has placed an emphasis on live TV through Google TV apps that combine live TV and online content, but most likely not to anger the broadcast industry. Company execs insist the devices are intended as a means to cut cords, and to complement "your cable TV experience."

Vizio CTO Matt McRae told GigaOm that he expects these devices to surface later this year. He said: "You're gonna see a plethora of new devices. Some will be probably pure OTT devices." Some small devices will only have a HDMI out slot and simple remote control. Others will have complex features.

Although this is a major departure from Google's recent strategy, ditching the HDMI input port for at least some upcoming Google TV devices would help brands like Vizio target consumers who are interested in a pure streaming experience.

In a video interview, McRae explains how Google tried to solve a complex problem in its first software version to provide a fully integrated experience that celebrated search across the set-top box, OTT, and DVR.

McRae expects later this year to see Google TV devices with a focus on streaming apps, which will allow more content on consumers who want to cut the cord.

One thing that Internet TV lacks for certain is live streaming content, such as news reports and regularly scheduled broadcast shows.

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