Out To Launch

M&MsMs. Brown is back and throwing her nemesis Red to a chocolate-loving redhead in “Devour,” the latest spot for M&Ms. While mingling at a party, one guest advises Ms. Brown to steer clear of Kristen, a tall redhead who cannot control herself around chocolate. Ms. Brown introduces the woman to Red, who is dragged from the party by Kristen. Once inside Kristen’s car, Red suggests grabbing a bite to eat. Kristen locks the doors and sinks her teeth in. If Kristen was a vampire, this could have easily been a scene from “True Blood.” See it here, created by BBDO New York.

DrPepperDr Pepper celebrates individuality in its new campaign, /1. Slash One, which stands for one of one, profiles ordinary people with extraordinary stories and marks the first time the brand has advertised Diet Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper concurrently under the “always one of a kind” theme. The first ad “One in a Billion,” features both quirky people and individuals defying the odds. The man walking a beach while covered in bread – birds need to eat, too – is quirky, while the young man with no legs skateboarding with ease was probably told he’d fail more than once in his life. See it here. The next spot profiles Mikaela Mayer, a woman who left the world of modeling to become a boxer. Watch it here. Jen Mayfield is badass. Not only is she a mother to five children, but she’s also a roller derby player. See it here. Deutsch LA created the campaign.



NYC BalletDDB New York launched a campaign for the New York City Ballet Art Series, where contemporary visual artists will create original works inspired by NYCB and have them exhibited at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. NYCB partnered with artist FAILE, the Brooklyn-based team of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. The goal of the campaign is to introduce ballet to a younger audience. Creative featuring FAILE artwork is running in neighborhoods where ads for Lincoln Center wouldn’t typically run, such as Williamsburg, the Lower East Side and the East Village. See them here, here, here and here.

PerotMuseum“For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. We can’t wait to see yours,” says the voiceover in a TV ad for the opening of the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas. The ad is told through the eyes of young children visiting the interactive museum for the first time. One girl places her small hand inside a large animal’s footprint, while a boy wearing 3D glasses watches something out of this world. See it here, created by TM Advertising, produced by Directorz and edited by Lucky Post.

KAYAKThe latest ad for features a pair of "Roommates," one of whom needs a lesson in personal space. One man is surfing the Net, looking for discounted travel deals. Next, his roommate’s head pops through his sweater, making the pair resemble conjoined siblings. The roommate without regard for personal space then brings his arms through the man’s sweater so he can email his friend the secret to finding travel deals. See it here, created by Barton F Graf 9000.

LasVegasThe Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launched, where travelers can book hotel packages, shows and restaurants. Supporting the site launch is a TV spot that introduces a new character: an every Joe blessed with the name Las Vegasdotcom. Shot documentary-style, Las is naturally bombarded with show requests, hotel reservations and more once the Vegas site goes live. It’s made this normal, middle-aged man’s life more than a little complicated. His identity is stripped, now that everyone mistakes him for the web site -- and when women give him their number, it’s usually because they’re banking on great seats at a Celine Dion show. Watch it here, created by R&R Partners.

TGIFridaysT.G.I. Friday's launched "Why not," a TV spot where folks use better judgment when faced with unique situations, like a mud wrestling tournament, a seedy tattoo parlor and whether or not to buy a pair of super-high-heeled shoes. Everyone passes on the temptation in front of him or her, especially the woman in the shoe store when she sees another woman fall in stilettos. T.G.I. Friday's is more laid back with a “Why Not” attitude. See it here, created by The Richards Group.

BabyCanWaitServe Marketing continues to work with the United Way of Greater Milwaukee to help lower the teen pregnancy rates by 46% by 2015. In its latest campaign, "What You Can't Do With A Baby," a high school basketball player and a cheerleader are shown in action with baby carriers attached to them. “Think your life won’t change with a baby?” asks the ads, which also direct teens to, to help prevent pregnancy. Ads, seen here and here, are running in bus shelters in areas with high teen pregnancy rates.

WWFRandom iPad App of the week: World Wildlife Fund launched “WWF Together,” the brand’s first iPad app. WWF Together allows users to get closer to endangered animals such as whales, elephants and rhinos. The stories of each animal are told via high-definition videos, photos and quirky facts. New species will be added regularly. Using the iPad’s location-based services, users can spin an interactive 3D globe and discover how far away they are from 60 different species. Created by AKQA, the app is free in the App Store.


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