ABC Uses East/West Feeds For 'Taste'


ABC will use separate feeds of its new cooking competition series “The Taste” in order to integrate both the Hellmann's and Best Foods brands. Episodes will feature a “Blue Ribbon Moment” sponsored by the pair, which offer the same mayonnaise and other products.

However, the Best brand is marketed in the Western U.S. and Hellmann's in the East, so the show will be edited to include the relevant brand, based on where it airs.

Best/Hellmann’s will also back a “Blue Ribbon Challenge,” where viewers can earn a chance to appear on the show with a recipe using one of the Unilever brands. The $100,000 prize for winning the cooking competition series will also come from Best/Hellmann's.

The series, produced by Kinetic Content, and featuring Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and several others as “taste mentors,” has 16 contestants.



Ford will advance its anti-breast cancer campaign via aprons worn in the show, which will be sold to the public with monies going to charity. Also, a hybrid model will be integrated into an episode, and the company will sponsor a contest where a viewer can win a cooking session with one of the mentors.

Other sponsors with specific relationships with Kinetic include Williams-Sonoma, which has promoted the series in its stores, and Whole Foods, where contestants buy ingredients.


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