TV Records Uptick In Dual-Screen Viewing

Watching-Tablet-TV-ANot only will there more second screens in consumers' living rooms  -- but there could be more big second screens.

Deloitte, the consulting firm, estimates this year that 10% of homes in developed countries will have a "dual video screen" -- that is two or more screens showing TV programs at the same time in the same room.

While near-term this dual video screening will continue to be dominated by combinations of TV sets and smaller screens --- laptops/tablets -- larger video second screens will take hold in future years. 

By 2020, Deloitte predicts that between 5% and 10% of homes in developed countries will have a second large TV set in their living rooms.

Deloitte believes this will give viewers a deeper experience in consuming a particular piece of content. For example, this might involve a live sporting event in which broadcasters may start streaming multiple video feeds from multiple angles.

Also, the company estimates more than 10 TV set makers will be selling higher-quality 4K TV models by the end of 2013, with many test broadcasts likely this year. Some of this technology may be pushed by advances in video gaming and other higher-quality mechanisms.

The cost to broadcasters for creating an individual 4K TV network could be $10 million to $15 million. By way of comparison, a decade ago, conversion to a HD channel from Standard Definition television cost about $2 million.



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