Real-Time With Forbes: Mag Touts 'Most Promising' Ad Techers

Forbes released its list of America’s Most Promising Companies earlier this week, and real-time media’s presence is felt. Rocket Fuel (4) and OpenX (7) both crack the top 10, while AdRoll (30) and Rubicon Project (40) are both in the top 40.

With so many ad tech firms being so promising, it’s easy to see why many in the industry believe that programmatic is the future of advertising. But another thing this list shows is that programmatic isn’t just a success in terms of delivering ads – successful companies can be built around programmatic.

None of the four companies listed above have over 300 employees, but all are growing. On the full timeline of advertising, programmatic is nascent. It’s fair to assume that more ad tech start-ups will spring into existence, which is necessary because people are still eager to learn more about the technologies, the opportunities, and the general gestalt of it all. And why wouldn’t they be?



On Forbes’ list from last year, Rocket Fuel was #22. OpenX, AdRoll, and Rubicon Project weren’t even on the list. Rocket Fuel had $16.6 million revenue last year and $107 million this year. Next year’s “Most Promising Companies” list could include 10 ad tech companies in the top 50.

It all points to one thing: the industry is turning towards real-time media, and turning fast.

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