Brands Profit By In-Store, Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

People-talking-A2Getting awareness for one's brand is still a tricky formula. But the most success is coming from a combination of traditional paid media and increasingly word-of-mouth marketing.

Nielsen says in-store discovery is the largest driver of new product awareness, registering a 72% score. Next comes TV at 59%, closely followed by print advertising with 54%.

Just as important -- if not more -- is the advice of family and friends when it comes to persuading people with new products/services. This area records a 77% number.

However, consumers are big on getting free things. Nielsen says getting a free sample gets a 70% number. After this comes general searching on the Internet, 70%. Getting professional/expert word-of-mouth advice comes in at 66%.

Nielsen reviewed 21 methods in total when it came to product awareness. Others include outdoor billboard, 46%; radio ad, 40%; direct mail, 39%; public transport ad, 39%; and marketing emails, 34%.

Other points of persuasion: job-work, 55%; public event, 41%; brand Web page, 55%; Web site articles, 53%; message board and social media, each with 43%; banner ad, 42%; and video sharing, 37%.

Nielsen says the survey highlights that word-of-mouth communication spurred by social media and Internet usage is growing in importance.

Nielsen Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment surveyed more than 29,000 respondents with Internet access from 58 countries about new product awareness.



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  1. Jim Bennett from HomeGrown Promotional Products, February 15, 2013 at 10:31 p.m.

    No big shock here. Brands do better when they connect with customers on a personal level.


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