Tremor's Kilgore Is New IAB Chairman

 Randy Kilgore, chief revenue officer for Tremor Video on Sunday was tapped as the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s new chairman, succeeding NBCUniversal’s EVP of digital sales Peter Naylor. The passing of the torch occurred at the IAB’s annual leadership meeting in Phoenix.

In his speech to the IAB, Kilgore said the organization “must keep pushing hard and see 3MS through,” a reference to the Making Measurement Make Sense initiation between the IAB, the 4As and the ANA which is trying to reach a consensus on principles to guide digital measurement  solutions.

.”We’ve got tons of data coming in — terabytes, petabytes of it.  A petabyte of memory storage — I had to look it up — can hold about 58,000 high-def movies, or 13 years of programming.  To put that into context, Facebook stores 100 petabytes of data...We are all grappling with a lot of data.  But weeding through that onslaught is so worth it.  Somewhere in that data is the magic that can propel the next ad, or the next Web series, to greatness.  The point isn’t to become paralyzed by it.  It’s to use it for good.  To sell brands.”

Kilgore said the IAB’s goal should  be “moving digital advertising from direct response metrics to a powerful place to build brands.”

The Tremor executive tipped that comScore will be announcing today that it is adding Tremor’s VideoHub viewability technology into their campaign measurement offerings.

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