Pepsi Max, Jeff Gordon Video Goes Viral

A PPepsi-Gordonepsi video featuring NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon in disguise taking out a hapless car salesman and his Chevy Camaro for a test drive has already gone viral on Facebook and other social media sites. 

The video was shot at Troutman Motors and Philip Morris in Concord, N.C. in February, according to the local paper, "The Independent Tribune."

The video, which is promoting Pepsi Max, includes Gordon taking the car on a wild ride through the Troutman Motors lot, into Philip Morris, including racing along the top of a loading dock. Gordon dons an elaborate disguise (facial hair, wrinkles) before entering the dealership and expressing interest in the Camaro.



At first, the salesman tells Gordon to "ease off just a little bit," but as Gordon takes it up a notch and almost hits another vehicle, he starts cursing and screaming for his life. At one point, he says: "You're an idiot -- I'm going to kill you."

Racer Brad Noffsinger, who works with the Richard Petty Driving Experience, did the stunt work for the production. The video was produced by Gifted You, a division of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die company. About 75 people were employed during the shooting of the video, according to "The Independent Tribune."

The hidden camera which filmed the car salesman is hidden in a can of Pepsi Max, which Gordon carries with him and places in the car's cup holder.

The hilarious video could as easily be a boost for Chevrolet, which gets to show off the Camaro -- albeit an '09 model -- in all its glory.

Comments after the video on YouTube speculated as to whether the car salesman was in on the joke. Jeff Gordon himself (or at least someone with the account name Jeff Gordon) set the record straight: "Most of the video was staged but the salesman had NO IDEA! I thought he was going to kill me when we got out of the car. Thanks to Pepsi Max for the chance to put this together. Oh, yeah -- and Coke sucks!"






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