TubeMogul Expands In France, Integrates With StickyXchange

New ad inventory continues to open up for programmatic buying and selling in Europe, and real-time video ad buying platform TubeMogul is the latest to take advantage. TubeMogul this week announced a strategic partnership with StickyXchange. The partnership gives TubeMogul access to StickyADStv's premium private video ad exchange, one of the largest in France.

“Programmatic buying of video advertising is just beginning to unlock what is possible in branding across devices,” Brett Wilson, CEO and co-founder of TubeMogul, said in a statement. “We are excited to see what marketers in France and Europe do with StickyADStv’s premium private exchange as part of their toolkit.” 

The StickyXchange marketplace supports IAB's standard openRTB for video, and TubeMogul claims that this integration is a first for France. TubeMogul also says that the partnership opens up in-stream ads on sites like and Universal, as well as French standards such as Notre Temps and Gulli.



Hervé Brunet, CEO and co-founder of StickyADStv and StickyXchange stated that he is "thrilled" with the partnership. He added, "Based on this joint success, we are expanding the marketplace in new territories."

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