Jumptap's App Traffic Share Reaches 84%

Jumptap-AIn the last two years, the share of traffic coming from mobile apps on Jumptap’s mobile ad network has nearly doubled from 45% to 84%, according to new data released by the company on Tuesday. That finding roughly parallels a separate study by Compuware last week that found smartphone and tablets users prefer using apps to the mobile Web by 85% to 15%.

With hoops fans in the grip of March Madness, the Jumptap report spotlights mobile habits in connection to the NCAA basketball tournament. When it comes to device choices among fans following the event, the iPod touch came out on top with a 12% share of traffic, followed by the Samsung Galaxy 3 (9%), iPhone (7%) and Samsung Galaxy S Blaze and Galaxy 2 (3% each).

While the iPhone is overall the No. 1 phone on the network in the U.S., the March Madness audience skews slightly younger and less affluent than the overall mobile population. Among the 171 million unique U.S. visitors in the first half of March, the iPad was by far the most popular tablet, with 57% share of traffic. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire were both a distant second, tied at 16%.

A year from now, Jumptap projects the iPad’s share will slip to 50% as the Galaxy Tab increases its share to 25% at the expense of the Kindle Fire as well as the Apple tablet.

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, March 27, 2013 at 4:08 p.m.

    Surely the headline is misleading as it needs to include the word 'mobile' and probably should read something like "Mobile app's share of Jumptap's traffic reaches 84%".

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