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Book a cruise… if you dare. Colorado cabs embellished with mammoth tusks. Let’s launch!

OptimumOptimum launched a series of TV spots. One stars Michael Bolton, who’s ticked that his phone number is similar to Optimum’s, resulting in too many would-be Optimum subscribers calling him. And Bolton is a busy guy: he plays ping-pong, gardens, washes his dog and jumps on a trampoline, and these wrong numbers are a serious distraction. See it here. In “New Dan,” a man evolves from a hairy, sloppy dresser with a lazy roommate to a clean-cut, well-dressed guy with a dog. In related news, Optimum revamped its website. Watch it here. To truly relax and watch TV, one needs the perfect recliner. One man goes through great lengths to ensure every TV room has the right relaxation tool. See it here. The final ad, “No,” shows a man trying desperately to ignore the office water-cooler chatter about the latest episode of his favorite show that he hasn’t yet watched. With Optimum OnDemand, he can catch up and contribute to the conversation. Watch it here. Mother New York created the campaign.



OldNavyJennifer Love Hewitt is the latest ‘90s star to appear in an ad for Old Navy. Guessing from the spot title -- “Jennifer Loves Hoodies” -- this ad is chockfull of slim-fitting hoodies. Hewitt isn’t the only celeb in the ad; Julie Hagerty from “Airplane” once again plays a flight attendant, this time with style. Hewitt informs passengers on the cleanest, roomiest plane I’ve ever seen that hoodies can be used as a flirtation device when a cutie is nearby. See it here. Scott Wolf, will you be in the next Old Navy ad? CP+B created the campaign.

Denver MuseumIf you live in Colorado, take a closer look at the top of your taxis. A fleet of Denver cabs has been outfitted with life-sized mammoth tusks to promote the Denver Museum of Nature & Science exhibition, “Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age.” The exhibition, running through May 27, allows visitors to trace the ancestral trail of these creatures and interact with scale models of their tusks and trunks. See a cab here, created by Carmichael Lynch.

CoronaCorona Extra launched a TV spot in Canada with the tagline, “Live Mas Fina.”  The line “La Cerveza Mas Fina” is found on every bottle of Corona Extra, but the tagline made me instantly think of Taco Bell and its tagline stateside for the past year, “Live Mas.” Not that beer and tacos don’t go well together… The 60-second spot encourages a youthful target audience to step out of their comfort zone, break a few hearts, travel the world, laugh, say what’s on their chest and live the finer life. See it here, created by Zulu Alpha Kilo.

TropicanaAfter you’ve said what’s on your chest, start the following day off with a laugh and some orange juice. Tropicana launched “Good Day,” a 60-second spot under the “Ready to Shine” theme. In it, singer Ingrid Michaelson walks down a sidewalk singing "Good Day Sunshine," causing all pedestrians to drop everything and break into song and dance. Furniture movers bring Michaelson, and her glass of OJ, to a piano, where she continues the song and soars above happy morning people. Watch it here, created by Juniper Park.

Norweigan CruiseNorwegian Cruise Line launched a New York City-inspired ad campaign called “The Best of NYC Sails to Sea.”  Too bad other cruise ships are breaking down left and right; how can this not affect the industry as a whole? The campaign supports the launch of the cruise line’s new ship, the Norwegian Breakaway, which sails out of New York for locals who don’t enjoy flying. The ad shows the Manhattan skyline sailing by from a perspective on top of the Norwegian Breakaway. The campaign will run through May when the ship starts seven-day cruises to Bermuda. See creative here and here, from The Martin Agency.

NOAA radar ProRandom iPhone App of the week: Tap Nation launched NOAA Radar Pro, an easy way to track your city’s latest weather activity 24/7. Fingers crossed it doesn’t involve any more snow. The app shows all National Weather Service watches, warnings, and advisories as interactive polygons covering the territories where they apply. Users can bookmark numerous cities to easily find the most current weather information. The app costs $1.99 in the App Store. Download it here.

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  1. jon burk from roker creative media, March 27, 2013 at 4:45 p.m.

    We love The Beatles. We love Ingrid Michaelson. And we like the Tropicana spot you described above....however... the product 'reveal' came too early and almost killed our head boppin' high from the the song and dance. Also, not sure it needs to feature a V/O at the end -the spot does an effective job in engaging and reinforcing the brand messaging without the intrusive announcer- Jon@roker creative media - NY/LA @rokercreative,

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