Twitter Feeds In Email Offer Opportunties To Build Engagement

Real-time in-box activity has such potential on paper. An Email Insider Summit panel [discussed] why adoption may not be moving as fast as one would think.

Verizon's Paige Henke works on an email newsletter that goes out to 14 million people. It has started to try and build engagement by integrating Twitter posts, which has doubled click-through rates. Verizon is also looking to do that again in the fall, possibly with Twitter feeds from NFL players for its NFL Mobile offering.

Henke says the Twitter integration has improved engagement, but hasn't yielded data about dramatic sales increases.

Evan Reiser of AdStack said client Publishers Clearing House has tested different calls to action and with real-time data has been able to change the calls to action based on what data shows is working. "Optimizing around creative" can bring improved results, CEO Reiser says.

This post initially appeared as a Show Daily on May 4.



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