TD Bank: Customer Service Is Hard

TD Bank CMO Vinoo Vijay says that just about every marketer wants to do customer service well, but many efforts fall short.

It’s all about the execution, he said. For TD, video has helped make consumers aware of the company’s relentless focus on customer service. The bank, whose branches are open seven days a week, uses video, in broadcast ads, online and in-store (ie. bank branches) to “extend the narrative of a more human experience.”  

Do a search for TD Bank and you’re likely to come across a bank manager in your neighborhood talking about its relationship to the community. The bank has shot more than 100 customer testimonials. 

The bank spends a “sizeable chunk” of its budget on broadcast, said Vijay. Video for other channels he said, is produced economically to achieve “honesty and scale,” but not necessarily broadcast quality. 

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