The Whole Story - "On The Go" Video On Rise

On The Go Video in the Average Week

How much of the video content we see in the average week is consumed out of home – or on the go?

As our lives have become more complex and fast-paced, and the number of media devices available to us has increased, so has the range of content available through them.

Whether it’s the ubiquitous TV in the sports bar, the mobile phone, tablet or screens in retail venues, elevators, gyms and taxi cabs, the proliferation of screens amounts to one certainly — an increase in the availability of video content wherever we are.

This USA TouchPoints analysis sought to identify just how much of our total video exposure in an average week takes place “On the Go?” across any and all locations outside of the home. The results form part of a broader presentation to be given at next week’s Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement 8.0 by my colleague Kevin Moeller, along with Cynthia Machata of Spafax and Paul Lindstrom of Nielsen. They will address the creation of a marketplace ecosystem for planning and buying out of home video.



We looked at USA TouchPoints data gathered over three waves from August 2011 through January 2013 and focused on Millennials, Moms, 45-64 year olds and the broader 18-64 demographic.

  • Although the overall trend across all four groups indicates an increase in the amount of On the Go video over time, the extent of the increase appeared to be markedly different across the groups analyzed.

  • While the total adults 18-64 showed only an increase from 10% to 11% during the period in question, and the 45-64s remained flat, both the Millennials and the Moms told a very different story, each showing an increase from 12% to 17% and 8% to 14%, respectively.

  • The difference between Millennials and Moms and the other groups could be driven as much by broader behavioral issues as by media use itself.  Previous analyses have shown Millennials place a high premium on socializing; they are sophisticated and relatively proficient users of media. These two things in themselves could combine to drive On the Go video consumption above the norm.

  • As for Moms, we know that whether they are working mothers or not, they spend a significant amount of their time out of the home running errands, ferrying kids around and — when they get the chance — socializing. This may also account, at least to some extent, which On the Go video they consume.

  • It is safe to assume that the percentage of total video consumed in an average week taking place outside the home will continue to increase over time. Screens continue to proliferate in different locations in our daily lives, while the amount of video we consume via mobile devices continues to grow. Time will tell how quickly that growth will occur, and where it may naturally level off.
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