Local-Focused VU Television To Launch In September

IC Punch Media will launch the new VU TV Network on Sept. 23.

VU Television Network, debuting in 15 cities nationwide, will develop sitcoms, reality show, local entertainment news and movies, along with dramas and kids programs.

"The main differentiator for VU Television will be our local presence in each city,” stated Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media.  He noted that most networks launch with cable programming, but VU will “tap into the power of our www.icplaces.com Web sites to enhance and attract more audience numbers."

Samblis cited the alliance the Web sites have built with local concert and event partners in various market, alongside restaurants, theaters, OOH partners and Hollywood studios.

Each VU Television city will showcase a weekly 30-minute entertainment news show, “Happening This Week in…” It updates viewers on entertainment options in their metro areas as well as restaurant reviews. The icplaces.com restaurant app will relaunch in August.



The hyperlocal aspect allows VU to solidify local marketing partnerships.

Gaye Dickie has been named president of IC Punch Media and VU Television Network. She will oversee the network's  multiplatform broadcast, cable, OOHD and streaming content distribution channels. The company will create original content on an ad-revenue share basis. A longtime TV executive, Dickie has worked at Saban Entertainment, Covansys, Orion and Twentieth Century-Fox.

She appointed James Allen Bradley as executive vice president, production and operations. Meredith Walters has been tapped as executive vice president sales and marketing.


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