Google Pushes 'All Access' Via Starbucks

With Apple announcing its own music streaming service last week, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Starbucks promoting iTunes Radio when it launches this fall. After all, Apple has a longstanding relationship with the coffee chain around selling music in stores via iTunes. But for now, there’s another new music service being promoted on Starbucks Digital Network: Google’s All Access.

Google is sponsoring the login page for the Starbucks’ Wi-Fi-based, in-store network, offerings customers a 30-day free trial of All Access and extending the promotional discount of $2 a month off the $9.99 subscription price for users who sign up before June 30. Customers who opt for the free trial are taken directly to the Google Play store to sign up.

All Access allows subscribers to listen to 18 million tracking across multiple genres, create their own personalized playlists and store their own music libraries up to 20,000 songs. Apple will introduce a competing online radio service with the rollout of iOS 7 in the coming months, with key difference that it will be a free, ad supported venture.

Whether Apple will advertise iTunes Radio through Starbucks isn’t clear, but it has more incentive to do so now with Google acting as interloper to boost All Access on the login page. Stay tuned. The Google campaign with Starbucks will run through June 30.

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