Millennial Expands Video Ad Options

Mobile ad network Millennial Media is stepping up its video ad offerings with the launch of a new set of ad units combining video and rich media that will run within smartphone and tablet apps. The nine new ad formats can be customized with different interactive and social features and will automatically display in landscape or portrait mode according to the orientation of the screen.

The video ad units include:

Video Sync – Lets advertisers wrap rich media around the video player and sync different animations to specific moments of the video. A mock-up ad on the Millennial site, for instance, shows a background graphic of each leading character introduced in a film trailer running within the media player.

Video Toggle – Optimized for tablets, a large video is surrounded by three additional videos underneath, with the option to toggle which video is highlighted. The ad unit gives brands the ability to extend interaction with multiple messages and viewing options.

Video Ticker – Allows marketers to display dynamically updated, time-specific information, such as sports scores, movie times or Twitter feeds, directly into their video ad.

Frame – Embeds video in a 300 x 250 banner ad that plays automatically and expands to full-screen with a tap.

Except for the Frame format, the video ads typically appear as interstitials. Marcus Startzel, CRO at Millennial, indicated the new video ad suite was developed in response to brands wanting to go beyond repurposing video from other channels. “We built these new products so brands can strategically optimize their video content for mobile,” he said.

Measurement for the ads includes length of video view and interaction rates, as well as further reporting on audience make-up and contextual information, like out-of-home and daypart viewership. Campaigns employing the new video units will start running in July, but Millennial declined to name any brands on board as launch partners. 

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