Millennial Groups Favor Specific TV Shows

Not all millennials are created equal -- but more than half are happy with their current life.

A new study reveals there are four distinct groups for those ages 18-34 -- from the “easygoing” to the "hardworking." The research came from Horizon Media and Fizziology, a social media research company, to learn more about how millennials use social media.

The four groups include "Confident Connecteds," the largest group, representing 32%, who are “knowledgeable, sociable, and hardworking.” They watch TV shows like “Dateline,” syndicated talk shows like “Katie” and “Ellen,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “American Idol,” “CSI” and “The Walking Dead.”

The next two groups, representing about 25% each of the 18-34 group, are “Indie Dreamers” and “Creatures of Comfort.” The Dreamers are “ambitious, creative, and individualistic” and tend to like TV shows such as “Glee,"“Big Bang Theory” and “The Mindy Project.”



Creatures of Comfort can be described as wanting “the simple life, unmotivated and easygoing.” They like TV shows like “The Vampire Diaries,” “Glee” and “Downton Abbey.”

And then comes “Youthful Pursuits,” representing the smallest part of millennials -- 18% -- who can be described as “image-seeking, live for now, embrace youth.” They are most identified with TV teen dramas like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Pretty Little Liars.”

Horizon Media’s millennial study revealed about half are happy with their lives and more than half -- 57% -- believe they are empowered to change their lives.

There are extremes for these groups. The negative for Creatures and Youthful Pursuits is that “there is little I can do to change my life,” according to the study. For Creatures of Comfort and Indie Dreamers, the concern comes with the description: “I’m unhappy with my standard of living.”

Conversely, a more positive outlook for some in the biggest group Confident Connecteds and the smallest, Youth Pursuits -- can be identified with this statement: “I'm happy with my standard of living. The positive for Confident Connecteds and Indie Dreamers: “I can change my life when and if I want to.”

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