French Trading Desk To Double Down On Programmatic Video, Partners With TubeMogul

Even overseas, more and more advertisers are seeing the benefits of applying programmatic ad tech to channels outside of display. Tradelab, a French trading desk specializing in real-time bidding (RTB), today announced plans to double their efforts on programmatic video campaigns. The trading desk will use TubeMogul's platform to help them do so.

Yohann Dupasquier, co-founder of Tradelab, stated that the company is looking to expand more outside of display, where they have spent over three years "developing data and technologies to reach the right people at the right time." The company is already invested in digital video - 14% of their campaigns currently use it - but by the end of the year Dupasquier estimates that figure to "rise to over 30%." 

According to the release, Tradelab has build proprietary technology over the past few months specifically for digital video. But why pick video? A TubeMogul representative told RTM Daily that in discussions with Tradelab, one of the main reasons was simply to respond to the needs of brands. "After some testing, they have the in-house technology and learning in place to do this now on a bigger scale confidently," the TubeMogul representative said.



Charles Gros, co-founder of Tradelab, stated, "Advertisers understand that video bought in real-time allows them to gain awareness into very specific audience[s]."

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