TV Global Spend Up 3.5%, Display Ads Rise

Worldwide television advertising witnessed moderate growth in the first quarter of this year. Nielsen said global TV advertising spending was up 3.5%. One still-suffering region -- Europe -- witnessed a decline of 2.9% in TV spending during the period.

Display Internet advertising jumped 26.3% in the first quarter, led by the Asia-Pacific region -- up 33.2% -- and Latin America, 48.2% higher. Europe witnessed double-digit-percentage display results -- at 10.4%. Out-of-home advertising continued to show modest gains -- 4.3% higher, per Nielsen.

On the flip side, declines continued in print advertising with magazines down 2.8% and newspapers off 4.7%. Nielsen says newspaper advertising spend decreased in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific; magazine advertising spending was lower in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

Radio also declined in the first quarter, 0.2%, and cinema advertising dipped 5.8%

In terms of market share, television still dominates media share at 59%, followed by newspapers at 18.3%; magazines, 9.4%; radio, 5.5%; Internet, 4.4%; outdoor, 3.3%; and cinema advertising, 0.3%.



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